2015 World Cup Tournament Results

Official results from the 2015 World Cup Tournament. Thank you very much to all of the volunteers who helped put this all together, the referees for all of the games, the coaches for their hard work, and most of all, all of the players.

U6 Division
1st Place Turkey
2nd Place South Africa
3rd Place Canada
4th Place New Zealand
5th Place Panama
6th Place Australia
7th Place United States
8th Place Germany
U8 Division
1st Place Trinidad
2nd Place Taiwan
3rd Place France
4th Place Brazil
5th Place Norway
6th Place The Bahamas
7th Place Greece
8th Place Japan
U10 Division
1st Place Aruba
2nd Place Chile
3rd Place Barbados
4th Place Switzerland
5th Place Sweden
6th Place Italy
U13 Division
1st Place Thailand
2nd Place South Korea
3rd Place Mexico
4th Place Costa Rica
5th Place United Kingdom
6th Place Antigua
U18 Division
1st Place Netherlands
2nd Place Belgium
3rd Place Ireland
4th Place Finland

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